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Noisy Way to Bed, The Noisy Way to Bed, The

Written by Ian Whybrow
Illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke

A quacky, oinky bedtime tale.

What kid do you know who’s ever gone quietly to bed? Here is a book that should be a cornerstone of every bedtime ritual, because it playfully recognizes what every child wants to do at bedtime – interrupt the process!

The narrator of THE NOISY WAY TO BED keeps trying to make a gentle, pastoral end to the day:

“This little boy was oh so tired
and this is what he said:
‘I think I’ll go home past the pond, because this is the way to….”

But before you can say the “b” word, the duck shouts QUACK. (As will the child listening!) And the sheep, the horse, and the pig all have something to say as well. Don’t worry though, the sleepy little boy has the last word (and it is indeed “bed”!).

For anyone who has had trouble “quieting down,” this story will help, and then some. Beeke’s soft, full illustrations are wonderfully tranquil, and the sprightly text simply begs to be interrupted…night after night.


“This engaging bedtime story begs for participation from children. A sleepy boy, clad in his pajamas and slippers, heads across the farm toward home. Along the way, he picks up an entourage of animals, one by one, and the friendly but noisy creatures follow him. The story is told through a series of rhyming verses, all of which should be completed by the word "bed." The rhyme is interrupted each time by the appearance of a loquacious animal. For example, "A boy, a duck, a horse, a sheep/look carefully where they tread./They tiptoe past the pigsty./`This is the way to-' `Oink!'" This clever device allows readers to identify each one by appearance and by vocalization. … [Beeke’s] full-page, mixed-media pictures are captivating, providing an eye-pleasing blend of colors, textures, and facial expressions. A playful romp.” – School Library Journal, starred review

“A sleepy little boy in pajamas of blue leads readers on a gentle ramble through field and farmyard as he wends his way home and, finally, to bed. … Beeke employs multiple watercolor techniques to create the charmingly naïve illustration and endpapers that cuddle this cozy bedtime tale, and a large crisp font complements her work. Share this with a single child or a slew, and root for the small hero, who has the last word (and a companionably crowded bed) in the end. Sweet dreams.” –Kirkus Reviews

“This will delight preschoolers with its catalog of familiar animal sounds and likely trigger a rousing recitation of quacks, baaas, oinks and neighs, right on cue.” – Booklist

“Set in the time leading to lights out, the story invokes a lovely, dreamlike quality: the gentle, muted tone of the text, the boy’s acquiescence to the animals, and the resolute yet surreal nature of the journey all seem like elements floating up from a sleeping consciousness. Beeke (Book! Book! Book! ) enhances that feeling with simple, solid characterizations and, by contrast, pastoral twilight landscapes in which the leaves, flowers and rays of sunlight seem to melt into one another, just as the boy and the animals later slide all the way into slumber.” – Publishers Weekly


School Library Journal 2004 Best Book
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2005 Gold Seal

Barnes & Noble
Book Sense

Spring 2004
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-55689-9
Price: $15.95/$22.99
Trim Size: 10 ½” x 8 ½”
Page Count: 32
Foreign Rights: MacMillan Children's Books
Translation Rights: MacMillan Children's Books
Rights Available? yes


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