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Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp

Written by Philip Pullman
Illustrated by Sophy Williams

Yes, the magic lamp and the jinnee changed everything. But before that, Aladdin was a poor boy, a mischief-maker, and, in his mother's words, "a lazy wretch."

This is the story of how the feckless Aladdin beheld an enchanted garden, how he met a being powerful enough to grant his every wish, and how he found a lovely princess Badr-al-Budur (and in the process grew up a little too).

It is also the story of the crafty Moor who changed Aladdin's life by introducing him to his destiny . . . And who tried to take it all away.

It is a tale that has held listeners in its grasp for thousands of years. Now master storyteller Philip Pullman makes it his own, taking his turn to call forth the jinnee from the lamp. . . .


"As lavishly ornamented as a sultan's palace, this sumptuous picture book retains the essence of the original Arabian story while updating the language and plot enough to suit modern readers … The words seem exotic without being too ornate, and the book's generous white-bordered pages complement the silver ornamentation of the jacket to announce its gift book status. …there's plenty of humor and wordplay for adults as well as children… An excellent introduction to the Aladdin lore, and a pithy parable as well. --Publishers Weekly

Humor and drama interweave throughout the story, enlivening the exposition and intensifying the action, and a final hint that Aladdin’s downstairs neighbor, Shaheed the Nervous Poet, is the true author of the text gives zest to the conventional happy ending. The numerous honey-colored illustrations, dappled with deep crimsons, bold purples, and glittering ochres, present opulent images of supple-limbed beauties and powerful jinn, adding to the story’s exotic flair. This well-written, handsomely illustrated retelling leaves its Disneyfied counterparts looking—well, cartoonish. --The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp may seem like a curious choice for Pullman, as the golden lamps and sparkling jewels of the tale may seem quite far from his dark "daemons" -- but there you go, misremembering children's literature again. "Aladdin" is set under the scorching sun of the East, but even the brightest of settings cannot chase away the dark strangeness of this ancient tale." -- The New York Times


Chosen one of The Guardian's favorites of the year

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Book Sense

Spring 2005
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-69255-5
Price: $16.95/$22.99
Trim Size: 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Page Count: 64
Foreign Rights: Scholastic
Translation Rights: Scholastic
Rights Available? yes


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