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Nobody Rides the Unicorn Nobody Rides the Unicorn

Written by Adrian Mitchell
Illustrated by Stephen Lambert

A unicorn will heed only the call of the gentlest soul with the sweetest voice. And that voice belongs to Zoe, the beggar girl who lives alone on the outskirts of town.

Who is Zoe to try to stop the king when he tricks her into helping him trap the unicorn? Who is this beggar girl to risk terrible punishment just to do what’s right?

She’s nobody, it’s true. But Zoe heard once, in a dream, she believes, that NOBODY rides the unicorn. . . .


“Mitchell’s tale is sweetly told, and Lambert’s graceful pastel illustrations bestow an otherworldly glamour on the text. Subtle touches of modernity (a car on a distant highway, the exhaust from an airplane in the sky) place this kingdom in the present more than the past, while touches of whimsy (roaming peacocks, garden mazes, topiary animals) make the magical appearance of the unicorn solidly believable. The unicorns themselves, shimmering gently against their dark valley, will leave readers and viewers with an image both dreamlike and comforting.” --Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

“It’s Lambert’s (Bedtime) otherworldly illustrations that lift the book to a higher level. His sophisticated use of mist-filtered light and shadow, and his seamless blend of old-world elegance and hints of modern life, make this a cautionary tale with a sense of immediacy (a red car winds its way up to a medieval castle; the heroine and king wear contemporary clothing). Mysterious visual themes are interwoven; a giraffe and a boatman with four geese make intermittent appearances. The enigmatic, lush imagery will haunt readers long after the . . . story has ended.” --Publishers Weekly


Recommended and approved by Parents' Choice 2000

Book Sense

Spring 2000
Picture Book
ISBN: 0-439-11204-4
Price: $16.95/$22.99
Trim Size: 10" x 10"
Page Count: 32
Foreign Rights: Transworld Publishers LTD.
Translation Rights: Transworld Publishers LTD.
Rights Available? yes

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